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My finished Magazine Cover.

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Adding shapes onto my images

To make my magazine fit the pop theme more, i added some animated shapes onto them. I think this gives a funky vibe and makes the images more fun. 

Editing one of my contents page images.

Some of my images were too dark to use on my contents page. To edit this i used the adjustment tool 'Brightness and Contrast' and i raised the brightness. This is the before and after of one of my images.

Before and After:

Contents page images

I used four images on my contents page of different models that are featured in the magazine. I applied a white box behind all images to give a Polaroid effect to them which i thought looked good. I also later applied some pop art like shapes such as a animated crown. These are the original images used on my contents page which i later edited.

Contents page style

When designing my contents page, i wanted to use my house style colors i used for my cover. I looked at a few Pop magazines and got some ideas, one magazine was the Top of the Pops contents page. I loved the full page and the messy vibrant look. I decided to use the some of the contents headings and the way the contents was organised.

Changing my Magazine title.

I decided i wanted to change my Title 'POP' on my front cover to make it more dramatic and eye catching so i duplicated the layer and changed the color of the drop shadow to a lighter color.

Before:                                                                             After:

choosing my front cover photo

Choosing my front cover main image was time consuming this is because I found faults with all of the images I took the previous day. I wanted a image of Chanel and Chad on my front cover, however, all but four images had faults. When I finally chose out of the four images, I had to edit my main image using the colour picker tool and the colour replacement tool. Using these tools I replaced the green cast on Chads grey jumper by recoloring the full jumper a lighter grey. This worked well as Chads jumper was originally a dark charcoal colour as you would've seen on my previous post. I thought the lighter grey fitted my POP genre as the colour was lighter. The two other images which I could've used didn't work as well because they almost looked forced and I wanted the imagine to look as natural and real as possible.