Wednesday, 15 February 2017

What kind of media institute might distribute your media product and why? Podcast script.

My magazine will be distributed by Egmont or Immediate, i decided this because they both publish magazines similar to the magazine i have created. Egmont publish Go Girl magazine and We love Pop magazine. Immediate publish Top of the pops magazine. These magazines are very similar to the magazine i have created as they are the same genre (POP) and include the same type of content. My magazine would be competing against Top of the Pops magazine as the two magazines are very alike. The different between my magazine and Top of the Pops is that they usually focus their magazines on women, however i have included male's in my magazine and on my front cover. Another difference is that Top of the Pops don't usually include couples on their front covers which is something i have done.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

How does your media product represent social group, youth subcultures, class and gender?

The two models used on my front cover are similar to the models used on most POP magazines. They are young and they look fun. I decided to use a male and female model to show a relationship between them, this will attract our target audience as young girls are interested in gossip and romance. Our target audience is mostly female so they will be drawn to this magazine as they aspire to be like the girl on the cover. However, as i used a female and a male model on the cover this might widen our target audience as males might be drawn in by the boy on the front cover. My models are both young so this represents youth and alternative youth, teenage girls/boys will look up to them. The fact that the models on the cover are in love is quite rare for a POP magazine so our target audience will be intrigued. I included a male model aswell as a female as most front cover models on big POP magazines are usually women and couples aren't usually seen together on the front of POP magazines.